About Us

'Bella Donna Cosmetics is the UK's largest distributor of the popular Italian brand Lepo'

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Bella Donna Cosmetics and Lepo share the same values of devoting ourselves to the promotion of a culture of higher awareness in the field of natural cosmetics and no testing on animals.

It was natural for Lepo to be inspired by those ingredients which are typical of the Mediterranean area, one of the richest "suppliers" of vegetal substances with remarkable characteristics, like olive oil, sweet almond, bergamot & tangerine, as well as by the ancient recipes of the Italian tradition.

We offer a full range of natural and organic cosmetics including make-up, face & body treatments, sun-care, hygiene & wellbeing, for both men, women and babies.


"Say yes to beauty, but also to protection & care"


"Lepo Ten Commandments"

1. Lepo cosmetics are natural because they are produced using high quantities of extremely pure vegetal substances & their derivatives.

2. The other non-vegetal ingredients, all of natural origin, present in Lepo products are:
- pigments & mineral substances (zinc & iron oxide, talc, titanium bioxide, mica, pearl)
- substances from bees (beeswax, honey, propolis).

3. Lepo natural cosmetics do not contain propellant hydrocarbons or products derived from petroleum.

4. Lepo has a strict policy of NO TESTING ON ANIMALS & has renewed its adherence to the relevant international standards. Their products are controlled by the ICEA (Institute for the Ethical & Environmental Certification) & by LAV (the Anti-Vivisection League n. 0021).

5. The use of ingredients derived from bees does not involve their suppression.

6. Lepo natural cosmetics are clinically tested on human volunteers over a long period of time, in order to guarantee that they are non-toxic & effective.

7. All Lepo natural cosmetics are subjected to stringent tests to guarantee maximum safety:

- stability test at room temperature, from + 4° to +40° & thermal shock
- microbiological tests
- challenge test (simulated microbe attack)
- clinical test for skin tolerance (on human volunteers)
- efficiency tests (on human volunteers).

8. The Lepo sun protection products follow the recommendation of the European Commission of September 22, 2006 (2006/647/CE) concerning the efficacy of sun protection products & relevant indications.

9. Lepo natural cosmetics are healthy because they take care of the skin while respecting its physiological characteristics.

10. Lepo natural cosmetics do not contain ingredients known to be allergenic. Their formulas are suitable even for the most delicate & sensitive skins.